JaQuita’s versatility as an entertainer is vast. Her vibrant energy and unforgettable stage presence is matched only by her stunning vocal ability. She has been compared to Whitney Houston, Martha Wash and the Queen of Rock & Roll - the unstoppable Tina Turner.

At the age of five, Jaquita began reciting bible verses and singing in the church choir. Her love for the arts blossomed when she moved to New Jersey where she performed in numerous showcases at her high school. In college, she won first place in a talent show hosted by the legendary Colonel Abrams. This resulted in a shift in direction for JaQuita which lead to her initial studio recordings in the house music genre.As a founding member of the socially conscious Hip-Hop/RnBSoul group Justis League, affiliated with WuTang, she garnered a heavy fan base in the Tri-State Area. Her remake of Whitney Houston’s “Love Will Save the Day" from the record-breaking album “Whitney” was signed to Jellybean Soul in 2004. The soulful remix incorporated JaQuita’s gospel roots and vocal range.In 2005, JaQuita's A cappella version of the National Anthem won her a place as a “super8” finalist for the Oprah Popstar Challenge, where she was selected from 15,000 entries.

In 2006, JaQuita toured throughout Europe with grammy award-winning Roger Sanchez. She is noted for recording four songs on his album "Come With Me". Including the hits “Not Enough” and “Again”. She then travelled to Italy, headlining her own tour, where she was named the Voice of The Soul, for Life People magazine.JaQuita has recorded over 25 dance records to date, many she penned and co-produced. In 2015, she returned to Ibiza and performed alongside Nalaya Brown at the infamous Privilege Nightclub. The largest nightclub in the world with a capacity of 10,000 people, also made famous as the location that Freddy Mercury recorded his video for the song “Barcelona”.Later that year, JaQuita recorded “Time After Time” for the Arm & Hammer “Generations” commercial, where she was noted for the emotion she brought forth in the song. She has also focused on acting opportunities, playing roles in productions of Cabaret (Sally Bowles), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dr. Frankfurter) & (Columbia), and in The Phantom Of The Opera (Carlotta).

She also features in the widely successful tour - Summer Of Love. Despite her growing schedule she is taking the time to focus on her new full-length album and live show. Follow JaQuita May on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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